Love will always hurt.

It’s like you’re screaming, and no one can hear
You almost feel ashamed
That someone could be that important
That without them, you feel like nothing
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
You feel hopeless; like nothing can save you
And when it’s over, and it’s gone
You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back
So that you could have the good

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There’s two sides to every story.

Today, I happened to be perusing on the internet after work while watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey when I saw this post.

(By the way, HELLO! Long time no post!)


I, however, happened to stumble on an article written by Christine Staub, daughter of former housewife Danielle Staub. Danielle had a turbulent yet somewhat interesting time during the first two seasons. What always made me wonder, was what was happening to the kids during this entire time? For some housewives children, their lives have been enriched. (I’m talking to you Bella and Gigi Hadid.) Others, not so well. It’s nice to hear about the other side of the coin.

Here’s the article for all 3 of you who read this:

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How may I help you? Not really..

People sometimes shit on retail employees and it’s disgusting. I, however, happen to like my job. I work with a retail company that pays me higher as a supervisor than any manager at any other job I’ve ever attained. I receive health insurance and 6 weeks of vacation a year. Hell, I just completed my 5 year anniversary 2 months ago and received a free tv as my holiday gift.


However, the one thing that stresses me out is A. Unrealistic time frames for projects and B. Shitty customers.

Example: As a supervisor I now get to handle customer complaints. Sometimes I give in to them. Other times, I was want to yell “FUCK OFF!” and walk away.

Instead I must remain professional.

So one regular customer comes in and is rude to every sales associate. She came up to the register and tried to return a swear for not once for a 20% discount but TWICE at a 40% discount. When one of my strongest sales advisors told her “No. We don’t do price adjustments” she immediately wanted to speak to me.

Me? At the time, already irritated about life, had to deal with it. So she argued about how she’s “Trying to get a good deal.” and “Can’t I do this as another courtesy?” When I told her “No.” Then she finally asked me the question that I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me for the last 10 years.

Customer: “Isn’t the customer always right?”

Me: “No.”

The face she made was priceless. However, if you offer them a coupon while still being kind of rude back to them they’ll stop being an ass.

Except for the bipolar bitch who insists she’s “Trying to get me fired” because she’s an idiot and a half who I hope cannot breed anymore stupidity.

But hey, that’s a story for another day.

Btw, this is not to say I don’t like helping people at work. I just don’t like when people are assholes and treat me like a personal shopping slave.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post. So many things have happened in the last 6 months.

I finally got myself together at work and my store is doing amazing.

I moved out of my future father-in-law’s house(because his girlfriend is a psycho hose beat. There’s another post to be had about that.)

Me and my other half finally moved into our own place which is perfect for the both of us since it’s closer to work.

And finally I’m on vacation from work so I can actually get my apartment together.

I’ll try to post more often.

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You take the full, full truth and you pour some out..

1. How I felt when my friend worked his last shift at work yesterday:

2. How I felt when I had the customer from hell:

This one required an extra gift because this psycho hose beast literally could not understand that you don’t get the full value of a garment if you got $10 off and only paid $10.55. If her garment was on sale then she be pissed off about that. Either way it has been a long time since I had a customer so nasty to me I wanted to walk to the back room, clock out, and snatch her weave out of her head.

3. What I ate the most of this week:

And seriously, I’ve gained 5 pounds this week alone from all of the rice.

4. What I’m currently addicted to:

I’ve literally watched SVU for hours every night this entire week. This might make me somewhat demented considered the content.

5. How I feel about having a Saturday off:

This has been a long week. My patience has been tested, I’ve had to reevaluate my life, and I’m optimistic about my new lifestyle change. Let’s hope I actually get to enjoy my Saturday since I now have to work on Sunday at another store.-.-

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The Tudors