You take the full, full truth and you pour some out..

1. How I felt when my friend worked his last shift at work yesterday:

2. How I felt when I had the customer from hell:

This one required an extra gift because this psycho hose beast literally could not understand that you don’t get the full value of a garment if you got $10 off and only paid $10.55. If her garment was on sale then she be pissed off about that. Either way it has been a long time since I had a customer so nasty to me I wanted to walk to the back room, clock out, and snatch her weave out of her head.

3. What I ate the most of this week:

And seriously, I’ve gained 5 pounds this week alone from all of the rice.

4. What I’m currently addicted to:

I’ve literally watched SVU for hours every night this entire week. This might make me somewhat demented considered the content.

5. How I feel about having a Saturday off:

This has been a long week. My patience has been tested, I’ve had to reevaluate my life, and I’m optimistic about my new lifestyle change. Let’s hope I actually get to enjoy my Saturday since I now have to work on Sunday at another store.-.-

Mood: Happy

Listening to:

The Tudors



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