We’ll go down in history, remember me for centuries..

I find myself often looking to the past. Back when life was simple. Back when I came and went as I pleased. Back when I had no real responsibility in life. Back when I was truly..free. If I had to write myself 10 years ago I would tell myself a few things:

1. School is super important. Once you stop the harder it is to get back in.

2. While partying and hanging out with your friends is important, there will be plenty of that later on in life. I should stay focused on my goals and making sure I try hard to achieve them.

3. That boy that you thought that you couldn’t live without? You can. You will be just fine at the end of the day.

4. Mind your friends and the people that you hang out with. Some friends you will keep for the rest of your life. Others will come and go. And some people will try to drag you down. If they’re bad friends get rid of them.

5. Take the time to figure out who I am. It’s alright to have different interests. It’s alright to just be myself. And if people have a problem with that? Fuck them.

Although I’m sure there are a dozen more, I cannot think of them at the moment.

Mood: Annoyed

Listening to: Closer



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