“Happy Holidays.. can I have a discount?”

Holiday season is absolute Hell this time of year. It makes me always wish I had made better life choices and had finished school when I was younger so I wouldn’t be where I am today. That being said, it’s not that I hate my job. I actually like my job. I love my co-workers. They make all of the bullshit that we go through somewhat tolerable. It’s the customers.

“Do you have any holiday sales?”

“This button is missing. Can I have a discount?”

“I found this on the $5 rack. So I want it for $5. It’s false advertising”.

My response?

But really my reaction is:

My company is actually pretty generous with the return policy and with coupons. But asking about coupons when you get to the register not only pisses off the people behind you, it pisses off the people who have to stand there and wait for you to find said coupon.

Not only that, then there’s the customer that wants to argue with you about every sign, every discount, etc. The only upside is now that I’m a supervisor I can tell people no. I’m just trying to get through this season smoothly.


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