Why you gotta be so rude?


How I currently feel:

How I wish I felt:

What I ate today:

(Only this is an exaggeration. I really had brown rice with backyard potatoes which sounds good but was really bland as hell since it came from a pack. #HotelLiving)

What I wish I were eating:

Dieting sucks. I’ve been doing really well lately since I’ve been staying at the hotel. When I went home this past weekend however.. well that’s a different story. (Hooters wings + Nachos + Lots of alcohol = a fat ass) But since I’ve been back Ive been making better choices but I still crave all of the good stuff. And feeling emotional lately has really made me crave all of that stuff even more. But alas. #firstworldproblems

And now to attempt sleep.

Listening to: Rude by Magic!

Mood: Anxious





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